What I Believe

I'm Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Family. I believe that the less government intervention in our lives the better.

Role of Government

The government is here to serve us not us them. Taxes should be the minimum necessary to accomplish that role. The government responsibilities are public safety, infrastructure and education.

Self Protection

Everyone has the right to protect themselves. The 2nd Amendment to the US constitution and the 6th Amendment of the NM constitution guarantee the right of every New Mexican to keep and bear firearms. According to our constitution this right CAN NOT be INFRINGED. The government and the progressive left do not have the right to dictate to you whether or not you can keep or bear a firearm.


The family is the foundation of our country and our state and God is the foundation of the family. We as a government must do everything we can to build up the family not tear it down. Parents beliefs and choices in education must be supported not torn down by our education system.

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